the first seven games

The new English football season has just started, and my beloved Liverpool are due to play Aston Villa away later in the Barclays Premier League. With several expensive new signings on board, much is expected of Rafa and his charges to deliver immediately. I’m personally quite excited by the new-look team but am keeping my fingers crossed, as usual. The past few seasons had promised much at the beginning, but ended up in disappointing fashion. Once bitten twice shy, I’m not going to be fooled by all these pre-season hype.

My head says the new players will take time to gel, and maybe they will take a season or two to finally take the title that has eluded the club since 1990. My heart, of course, will hope that the drought will end come May 2008.

And it is my personal belief that Liverpool’s first seven games will define their league season this time round. That’s 21 points – the number of points they were behind the champions last season. They had always been slow starters the last couple of seasons and in each of those seasons they finished some points off the eventual champions. Jamie Carragher had said that they could not afford to start slowly last season, and the team ended up doing exactly that.

This season, if they want to improve, they will have to start strong. It is heartening to hear that Rafa has actually set a 60-goal target for his four strikers – Torres, Crouch, Kuyt and Voronin. At least we now know that he is thinking of playing attacking football this term.

I really wish that the players will live up to expectations and push Man Utd and Chelsea all the way to the end.

Players to look out for this season: Gerrard, Torres, Babel, Mascherano, Leiva

So, the first game? Liverpool 2 Aston Villa 0.

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  1. You were close in your prediction. We won 2-1. Awesome goal by Stevie!

    I’m really hope Liverpool can live up to the expectations this season. 🙂

    You’ll Never Walk Alone..

  2. I’m sure the football season starts earlier every year! Anyway, fantastic score for Liverpool. I will make an effort to watch more games this year, which shouldn’t be too hard with Euro ‘2008 at the end of the season.

  3. yes, Louis, it’s good that they have finally won their first game of the season.

    and i’m sure you will enjoy another new season of exciting football, V! do you follow the French League as well? PSG for you, Miss V?

  4. oh god no! Look I know that they’ve won world cups and all, but the French league is pap. The good players are in England or Spain. If there is a good game on I go to a pub to watch it, and champion’s league is on terrestrial so I can curl up with a glass of wine and chocolate (v good football watching behaviour). Anyway, thanks for the scores. My bro is into West ham so what with being a Londoner I’ve actually seen more West Ham matches than Liverpool and I’m glad to see that West Ham started the season as expected!

  5. i used to like Monaco. but i guess it’s more famous for celebrities and the rich. never really like the Hammers.

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