light in the soul

dear, dear Vanilla has given me this award. apparently, i have some influence on her. i appreciate her a lot since we met on blogosphere nearly two years ago. thanks, Miss V!


by the way, i’ve been really busy working, reading, familying but not writing. i might be ringing some changes in my life. will see how it goes.

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no longer

the phone
on the table
is never quite
the same again.
not after what
the pink watch
has done
just by being.
the crooked line
has straightened
while the grey
has so darkened.

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not easy, but…

a new job – new challenges. i know i can and i will. some sacrifices have to come in. yes, some. putting thoughts in words is not the same again. a revamp is needed, so at least this could continue for many good years ahead.

if you are hoping for more, so am i. please, have patience with me here. i’m working on it.

not easy, but…

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think i should

Circle has come full
On a night of yesteryears
Lucifer buried

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The Hill Song

Had none to build
None liked to blend
Really ugly?
Pecked at will
Chortled at bill
So forlorn, so despondent
Done wrong?
Cold treatment’s mere understatement
What’s vertical, what’s horizontal?
What ought to be altered?
    Dry spell passes without fanfare
    Grasping in next to no time
    Dawdling transformation but surely
    That magical moment
    Soaring loftily
    Physical repugnance no more!
    Being beautiful being
    Cloud nine colonisation
    Revolutionised life!
    At long last!
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