People said that Christmas’ just a season of
Greeting cards, turkey dishes, well wishes
But I didn’t think that was just about it
Always felt this peace, this joy move within my heart
Such a lovely Christmas!
Or is this just an ordinary Christmas?

Then I saw the story of this young child
They called Prince of Peace, Counsellor, Emmanuel
And I knew this child wasn’t just one little life
He was much more than what I could see in his eyes
Such a lovely child!
He’s not just an ordinary child!

And I found this everlasting friendship
When the little child grew and walked into my life
He gives me peace, joy, hope and love
That mean so much more I can ever have from a friend
Such a lovely friend!
He’s not just an ordinary friend!

I’ve found the reason for Christmas
He came to live and die for me
Out of love, out of love
Out of love, out of love

Christmas isn’t just a simple story
With Santa Claus, jingle bells, “Merry Christmas!”
It’s ’bout having this great gift from above
Priceless, worthy, made ready for you
Such a lovely gift!
It’s not just an ordinary gift!

Christmas is one true Friend!
One true Friend is one best gift!


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12 Years of Christmas

1st birthday, I wish I could have more movement, more milk & more motherly love.
2nd birthday, I wish I could have toys that challenge my limbs, esp the hands.
3rd birthday, I wish they would stop making me learn alphabets & give me time to watch TV.
4th birthday, I wish they would not make me learn piano & attend Maths lesson.
5th birthday, I wish I would not cry when I am in school.
6th birthday, I wish I would have courage & independence in school.
7th birthday, I wish Tom could be my best friend forever.
8th birthday, I wish Mrs Goh would come to past by tripping over a rock.
9th birthday, I wish Science never exist.
10th birthday, I wish Science & Maths never exist.
11th birthday, I wish to find my myself in EM2, at least.
12th birthday, I wish my parents stop placing high expectations on me.
I wish……I never jump…………

(from 2003)

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