i need a hug…
not a fug!
so off you fug,
if you aint giving me a hug!

(for that sober sullen drunk at the corner of helen’s bar on 14 feb)

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Salt on Candy

I only asked for a simple story
But you went on and delivered a sermon.

I only needed a small favour
But you let the whole world know how big your help was.

I only wanted to be your Valentine
But you gave me the greatest bunch of flowers that meant nothing.

I only cared about who you were
But you only cared about what you did.

(a simple tribute to V-Day)

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making sense

skimming ulysses
plagiarising shakespeare
weeping through clockwork orange
governing edgarallanpoe’s temper
falling for big brother in 1984
guffawing with emily dickinson
celebrating valentine’s day
    they all don’t make sense
      (newly written for v-day protest initiated by minx)
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