i’m thankful

dear friend,

i’m writing this to you because i’m thankful
and i can’t wait to share my joy with you

i’m thankful to my beloved homeland
i’ll always be
for the national security we have
for the vast riches given to us
for the fact that we belong to the most powerful nation on earth
i’m even more thankful for the education i was put through
because without it, i’ll never know simple but cold, hard facts such as these:

utah is one heck of a country that is on par with ugoslavia and utopia
those guys from jerusalem shared the same religion as the saudis
we beat the shit out of those japanese in the vietnam war
and fidel castro? he is the bloke who won the latin idol 30 years ago
a triangle has 4 sides
we are powerful enough to supply our money to the folks in england and their queen
north korea is 15 times bigger than their southern neighbours
the possessed girl in ‘exorcist’ has a brother who is the primer minister of u.k.
john glenn landed on the moon first
there is only one kidney in a human body
everyone on earth is fearing that the 4th world war might come soon
star wars is an epic movie made based on real events
judo and wrestling made hiroshima and nagasaki famous
west bank is in new york
there are ten eiffel towers in the captial city of france
everybody knows that yasser arafat is the president of al-qaeda

impressive, right?!

anyway, i was flabbergasted to meet mr howard on the streets the other day
i even took a picture with him and i can call him my mate from downunder
oh…and that coffee anan? it tasted fabulous at united nations cafe…go try it yourself

last but not least, i’m thankful for my leader
i’ll always support anything he says
including going to war against a tiny nation in central asia
and invading one italian-speaking country in our continued effort against terrorism
he says these are efforts to keep my country free
he’s from texas, he must be right

aren’t you happy for me?

the honest citizen

ps: one question that still baffles me though…which state does kentucky fried chicken come from? help me, please.

(inspired by a serious survey.)

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