Blog Action Day – Poverty

Separate Lives

He slit the skin of the chicken with his teeth as the aroma of the deep fried stank the hall. She thrashed furiously at the spaghetti mixed with sauce and complained that it was the umpteenth plain dinner. You licked the balls on the ice-cream cone before they melted away into the bin. Me? I savoured every grain in my palm with care and thought of paradise. I counted there were six of them.

He put on “The Incredibles” T-shirt and rolled in the mud, screaming “Goal!” She walked out of the retail with another Versace dress paid from her LV bag. You stripped your wardrobe bare, discarding the old and odd ones into the bag for charity, before dollaring it with the new and unodd ones. Me? I had this piece of linen hanging precariously round my groin, hoping that paradise will bring me something to be hung round my shoulders.

He played the toy soldiers and sent them into a house of dolls, sheltering them from the rain of shells. She had a good bath in the Olympic-sized pool before sipping orange juice on the bench made of cotton and leopard skin. You looked out from the window of your 14th floor apartment and wished you had a roomier luxurious studio. Me? I was sitting under the tree with few blades of grass that screened me away from the sun, knowing that paradise will surely be better.

He pressed the same few buttons over and over again, looking excitedly at the display smaller than my tummy. She danced on the tabletop with strange music louder than my tummy’s growl, obviously indulging in some heavenly dreams. You spent hours turning pages of papers under a warm light after kicking a ball with your crazy friends in a rain-soaked field. Me? I only played two games. I stared and I stared. Oh, when angels from paradise came, I walked. And that was really cool.

You know, as I look at him, her and you, I wish we could all swap places and enjoy each other’s life. Perhaps, next time when paradise comes, we can do that?

Shall we discuss?

What is poverty?

How relevant is poverty today?

Reasons for poverty?

Any measures to curb poverty?

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  1. Brilliant blog action day post, CS! You handled the discrepancy and the failure to understand so well!
    And good on you for participating with a really thought provoking and sensitive post!

  2. First of all, I thank you very much, Vanilla, for always believing in me and the wonderful words of warmth you have been giving me! 🙂

    Second, I know there are many people out there who are trying to make a difference in small or big ways through this Blog Action Day project. And I certainly hope I have reminded my readers here the stark contrast our world is constantly seeing.

    My thoughts soon. 😉

  3. Stark contrast is right; it’s so sobering. Very well written, CS, my heart was in my throat.

    Don’t we all have vastly different lives for no good reason.

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  4. Perfect post for a very difficult subject.

  5. Nice…well written post!

  6. hi c.s.

    It was great to hear from you.
    I’ll come back and read this soon as I really want to soak it all in. I’m so sorry I forgot to add on your link when I changed the template but I am doing it right now. 🙂

  7. thank you, S & V! and very well said.

    i appreciate your comment, Leslie! hope to see you again.

    Mariposa, i thank you very much!

    Suzan, no worries about the link. and do come back, yes.

  8. Yes, a thought-provoking way of dealing with different attitudes. Nice one, cs.

  9. What an ingenious way of bringing this sore issue to the fore. I like how you contrast and compare the different lifestyles and perspectives.

    Ah, what a thing it would be if we all exchanged places with each other. Maybe then, we’d be more thoughtful about our resources, and more compassionate, giving, and grateful, having walked in another’s shoes, whether for a few steps, or a mile.

  10. thank you very much, Debi! 🙂

    perhaps, JD, you are right. putting ourselves into other people’s shoes is never easily done.

  11. Sorry I’m late – great post.
    We should all be entitled to a little piece of paradise.

  12. agree. heaven will be a fantastic bonus.

  13. This is a splendid post, C.S.
    To swap places – yes, it’s the perfect idea. I’ve often thought of this and wished it were possible.

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