the text was loud when the sovereign seed, tree and soul delivered the punch that sent the wired one scrambling. the horn was read and the cause for fireworks could never have been underachieved. the route, the one with the narrowest width, is now set for as long as time exists. the sidewalk must be dolled up. the sheep must be led. the journey must and will start. the chosen living dead and dead living must complete the mission hand in hand. the curtain that differentiates has been lifted, but the vision is no clearer than before. in fact, one of them is dripping with an ounce of the thorn that kills. the fist must surely soften the blow, now.

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  1. i read organized religion into this piece… please correct me if i am wrong…..very tangled and misleading… i love the way it meanders and the swoops in for the kill….

  2. wow, your words pierce through my soul…i’ve read and re-read…i just love it! i opens a side of me that only your words can describe and only me can understand…very beautiful!

    im not sure on what inspires you when you wrote this…yet, the outcome has give me some sense of inspiration as i live life a day at a time

  3. Paisley, i must admit the mess is purposefully done ‘cos that’s how i feel.

    Mariposa, these are my personal thoughts now and i am willing myself to right all wrongs in my life.

    Thank you, Ladies, for your encouragement! 🙂

  4. Welcome back, CS! 🙂

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