still reeling

this is the first time for me, really. so naturally, my entire being isn’t sure how to react. the last two days i’ve been having mixed emotions and my mind’s been thinking a lot. past, present or even future. can’t believe it or can’t accept it, i couldn’t really tell the difference. lots of ‘what if’s have been lingering too. i guess it’s just the irrational behaviour under a rational circumstance. is it just someone passing on? no. or is it someone special passing on? not sure. all these afterthoughts probably don’t mean much now. all i can confess is that i miss her. but then again, i might not have felt it if nothing has happened. so it’s the same own cliché, right? appreciate who you have now before a sudden departure arrives.

any comfort from this? not sure too. oh, perhaps, or most definitely, yes. she’s with Him now.

Lying before me
Is a path so less travelled
I’m waiting for you

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  1. My heart goes out to you. We get so busy with life, writing, working…its all too easy to lose track of our friends. Thank you for sharing, everyone can now benefit from your experience.

  2. thank you for being so understanding, Kat! this experience, it seemed, was too much to bear. but i’m holding myself quite well now.

  3. i know the feeling of being sucker punched by a death you never imagined…

    it happened to me last march,, while surfing the internet, i found the death notice of the one man i have ever loved… still a single female,, now many years removed from that relationship,, you would have thought i would have moved on… the moment i readi it,, i was lashed back in time,, and i have never loved him more than i did that moment,, and in the months to follow…

    it has taken me the better part of the year,, and the accumulative writings of three different blogs to extoll the grief …

    my heart and thoughts are with you….

  4. thank you, Paisley! i appreciate your words.

  5. She’s gone home. She’s at peace. Take comfort from that, dear CS. Sending you love and strength and sympathy.

  6. Vanilla, i thank you!

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