Truth is like childbirth – necessary but excruciating.

I really didn’t know what to say when I learned about it. If she regarded me as a spouse, then I must have been an ass to believe her.

How could she hide this from me? How long did she think she could hide? Four days? Four weeks? Forever? It hurt too much. It really did. Four years of marriage wasn’t worth the effort?

You see, she surrendered all her policies without telling me her difficulty in financing the premiums. She could have told me, right? I could have helped a bit, right?

She fainted at work and was taken to the hospital. When I reached there, the doctor had diagnosed breast cancer – the late stage. And that was when her ex-agent met me and told me about her surrender – the truth. I was somewhat devastated, somewhat bitter.

For the next six months, we laboured on with my personal savings. Her treatment exhausted almost my entire coffers – all $200000. She apologised to me three times during this period and each time I had nothing to utter.

14 hours after the third time she apologised, she lost the battle and passed on. She left me with nothing.

Well, not quite. She left me nothing.

And a great lesson.

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  1. Life is heartbreaking…
    Well written, CS, bitter as some truths can be…

  2. teacher don sad!!!

  3. A great lesson is never nothing.

    Powerful words, CS. And beautifully written.

  4. thank you, Vesper, yihong and Vanilla!

  5. Ouch! What a disturbing story. There is nothing to be gained by secrecy.

    Great writing– I love when writing creates real emotion in me.

  6. wow…
    so much of emotion all thrown out
    i bet that was alot to handle…

  7. you are kind with your words and i’m encouraged. thank you, aine!

    thanks for dropping by Veni!

  8. Don’t grieve on it anymore, you still have a Faith

  9. nice to see you here, Cheryl!

  10. hello
    is this true ?
    be happy =D

  11. yo ! cher rmb me [:

  12. you are not serious. tell me this is just a bulb of your genius imagination.

  13. this is an absolute bulb! 🙂

  14. Disturbing, and so well written. I’m sorry I haven’t been around before now CS, having trouble keeping up with all my Lion friends.

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