In Memory…

This one’s dedicated to all those who love and care about the five men.


I want to run, run away,
from the light of the shadows
to the shadows of the light.
The world I’m running towards
is the world the world is shunning.
From the lowest rung of this ground,
I long to climb to the highest tier of that.
Don’t mourn my loss,
for it’s a gain to both you and me.
When you open your eyes,
you shut the doors left open.
See that you keep looking up,
so that you stop looking down.
This may be a farewell for now,
but it’s only for a little while.
Before the weight collapses
And the collapse weighs
Just let me run, run away.

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  1. I’m so sorry to learn of this tragedy. I feel for the families as they now walk through this dark valley. But one day, it will give way to light and joy, just a little while away.

    CS, what a fitting and beautiful tribute you’ve written.

  2. as i watched the news and read the reports, my heart went out with them. this is just a way for me and possibly others to remember them.

  3. So tragic. I’ve seen it stated elsewhere that with lifevests, at least the family can recover the body. That must be so hard to deal with when someone disappears and never returns.

  4. What a terrible tragedy – death can snatch away so quickly, so unexpectedly. But what a remarkable poem – this is surely one of your very best, CS – a powerful and noble dedication.

  5. hello, mr tan. my first time commenting here.. zzz , i dont really quite understand the tragic ?.. so chim.. i have to learn more .. sadness. anyway, wish me all the best in the posting results of schools!

  6. Wow, that’s a really incredible work of words woven with depth and emotion. Thank you.

    Very apropos tribute.

    Scarlett & V.

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