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“Restless Dawn”

Jason Evans‘ “Restless Dawn” short fiction contest will close soon over at Clarity of Night. If you are still keen in it, do hurry a bit. I’ve sent in my entry. Do take a look here and give me your priceless comments. I want to improve as a writer, so hearing people out will be useful.

As I enter into my last weeks of the work year, I still have tasks to be completed. Trying to stay afloat in the pool of things in this transitional period. Like I have hinted before, I’m slowly but most definitely moving on to something entirely different in 2008. Very excited about it and will talk about it when the time comes.

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  1. That was a powerful story, CS – poignant with strong imagery, filled with brutality and tragedy and yet, and yet… Very well done.

  2. as always, you are very supportive of my work. i sincerely thank you very much Vanilla! 🙂

  3. CS, I left a comment on the site. You’re truly a gifted writer. I could see and feel everything. The last paragraph, especially, tore at my heart.

  4. you are so, so encouraging, JD! thanks for making my day! 🙂

  5. And because I know you just lurve them… you’ve been tagged for a meme! 😉

  6. I am also in the contest, #29. You said the images of your piece would not be washed away. Was that piece something you’ve lived?

  7. thanks for the tag, Vanilla! 🙂

    yes, i enjoyed reading your entry, Beth.

    no, i didn’t live my story, but there are many someone who had lived to tell the tale.

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