only blue

just the other day, i was exhaling wholeheartedly everything that was up in the mind. never thought i could do it so well, and could never have imagined that i was actually swimming with you in the pool of possibilities. bet you didn’t think that your actions could mean so much the other way round. the expressions and waves of emotions could have fooled anybody, but me. the bliss that enshrouded the deepest and darkest wishes was beyond any form of depiction. fat or slim, i could never tell. i just wanted to stay afloat and touch the warmth ensued from the smallest squared prime hours spent together.

the day after was stranger, ‘cos the heart fondled no more than it was supposed to be. blue ought to be the colour, but no, it did not turn up.

and the day after was perhaps the strangest, ‘cos the inkling and the tinkling wooed me a wee bit, and i could feel the presence of the positive and the negative blue. perplexed i may sound now, but the fault is not mine. blame only blue.

yeah…blame only blue. period.

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  1. Lovely and intriguing bit of writing, CS.
    Poor blue…

  2. thanks, Vanilla! yeah, blame only blue.

  3. Oh, CS. How evocative! 🙂

  4. consider personal experiences as the inspiration. 😉

  5. CS, lovely song. Had not heard it before. The music has such underlying tone of melancholy..

  6. yes, nice one from david tao of taiwan.

  7. “swimming with you in the pool of possibilities”…
    A beautiful and sad piece, CS. And the song, very lovely, very suitable…

  8. Feeling blue, CS? Try pink.

  9. agree with you, Vesper. 😉

    pink? hmm…will do one next time. thanks, Minx!

  10. Wistful, in a haunting, beautiful way.

    I think I can identify, if only a little.

  11. thank you for identifying with me, J D! 😉

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