4 more days

This is one Mathematics question for my pupils to attempt before the start of PSLE. If you are not my pupil, please feel free to solve the question too. Post your solutions in the comment space if you wish to. Solutions will be posted tomorrow. Have fun! 🙂

There are 600 children in Group A and 30% of them are boys.
There are 400 children in Group B and 60% of them are boys.
After some children are transferred from Group B to Group A, 40% of the children in Group A and 60% of the children in Group B are boys.
How many children are transferred from Group B to Group A?

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  1. Argh! I hated these sort of questions! I’m not even going to try!
    By the way, I finally got round to doing the writing strengths meme that you tagged me for 🙂

  2. don’t worry, Vanilla. there are many who hate this sort of questions too. and thanks for sharing your strengths! 🙂

  3. That is hard. I’ve basically worked out that some kids have to leave group b and go to group a, but I couldn’t be bothered to work it out after that. Where’s the answer????

  4. Oh my God! Canterbury Soul! Now, now! Is this why I came to visit you the lovely Sunday morning? 🙂
    PS Hope you’re well and that the writing’s coming on brilliantly.

  5. since when primary school’s maths became so tough?


  6. Verilion, check the solutions with yours.

    Suzan! You are back! I’m fine, thank you! Writing’s been irregular, but will change that soon. Will pop by yours soon. 🙂

    Musician, yes, since 10 years ago. 😉

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