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Jordan has passed away in the evening after more than a month’s struggle with a weak heart. The docs put him out of sedation and allowed him to wake up to see his family members. Was told that he cried upon waking up. According to our friends, Jordan’s granny asked Jordan if he wanted to go. Despite his young age, it seemed that he was able to understand her and indicated that he wanted to. It’s been a very sad period for his parents and family members and all those who care about him. Let’s pray for Jordan’s family members.

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  1. Oh CS, I’m so sorry, sorry for his family and friends who must feel such terrible loss. But he has gone home, he’s at peace, no more fighting, the message he brought was delivered and his purpose was fulfilled. He smiles and sends love from the other side. His parents can take comfort that where love survives, so do we all – in this world or any other.

  2. Visited his parents today. Both looked visibly sad and tired. But I’m sure they’ll move on.

  3. Oh God…that is so sad. I was hoping that he would pull through. I am glad that he got to have all the tubes and such gone to get hugs and such before he passed. It’s a bit premature to think of such things, but I hope that they (or maybe you or someone else who knew him) set up a scholarship fund someday.

  4. I send my condolences to them.
    Wish that they would pull through and be on the optismistic side.

  5. Blessings

  6. I’m so sorry, CS. I don’t think there can be a greater loss for them – I hope their souls can survive it, but I doubt there is anything that can bring them real comfort now.

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