keep on praying

went down to the hospital to visit Baby Jordan yesterday with my wife. his parents looked fine. they seemed to have grown numb after 16 days. the boy was all tubed up. he’s been sedated to prevent him from pulling off all the tubes. he’s now on an artificial heart. apparently, the left ventricule is not functioning well on its own.

there are two options at the moment, and they are waiting for both to arrive. one, they are bringing in a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) to be inplanted near the heart. this device will help the heart function on its own. this, according to the docs, is just a temporary measure. it is just a bridge to a transplant. in U.S., 6 people had gone through this option. 3 of them had died, and another 3 had gone on to a heart transplant. the second option is a heart transplant. Jordan is waiting for a heart donor. a heart transplant has never happened in Singapore because there are no heart donors so far.

so, the best thing to happen now is that Jordan’s heart will heal on its own. and that, according to the docs, might not happen. other older children had a similar heart problem, but they had gone on to recover within 2 weeks. and Jordan is the first one not to have shown signs of recovery after so long and he is the youngest patient to suffer from this heart condition. at the moment, there are and will be other complications. but the doctors’ primary concern is his heart.

without a doubt, Jordan needs a miracle. he needs another matching heart or he needs his own heart to recover. i believe there’s nothing we can do now but to continue to pray for him.

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  1. Baby Jordan is in my thoughts and his parents. It’s probably best that they are numb right now, it’s how the human body copes.

  2. Oh CS I’m so sorry to hear that. No wonder his parents are numb, the stress and shock of it all must be unbearable. For me, coming from the country that pioneered heart transplants I find it strange that there have never been heart transplants in Singapore. These operations can be so successful because they were pioneered so long ago now that most of the glitches are ironed out. I do so hope that whatever miracle that is required comes soon.
    God bless you and Baby Jordan and his parents.
    Big hug.

  3. on behalf of the parents, i thank you, Verilion and Vanilla!

  4. We will continue to pray. I have put him into a prayer chain that stretches across the nation, and indeed the globe.

    He is lifted in prayer… and hope.


    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  5. thank you, S & V!

  6. How is Jordan?????

  7. Jordan’s condition has been the same for the last one week. That means it’s not looking good. he can’t be on that machine the whole time, and there are still no heart donors.

    however, i still believe in our prayers.

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