Look into my eyes.
You know I love you.

How could you doubt me?
Had I not done enough?
I have always believed,
I have never stopped trying.
So, I thought you were with me,
I assumed you would work for it.
How wrong, how naïve,
How disillusioned I have been.
Don’t blame me,
I’m just trying to make things right.
Please forgive me,
I’ll make it all up to you.
I wish this have never happened,
I hope this will stop pretty soon.
I’m doing it not quite
In the name of the Trinity,
But in the name of our love –
Something which I know you still have.

Look into my eyes.
You know I love you.

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  1. Poignant and heartfelt poem, CS. Isn’t it strange how despite all our love we still end up struggling with misunderstandings and miscommunications.

  2. couldn’t agree more, Vanilla. perhaps the imperfection of the human nature is just too relevant that it is impossible not to live relationships without misunderstandings and miscommunications. i suppose these can be seen as trials and tribulations that must stand the test of times. can i put it as ‘Love is Faith’?

  3. Love is faith is a very good way to put it, CS 🙂

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