still fighting

the 2-year-old boy did not respond well without the artifical heart. after going through a heart bypass, he went through a second op. things don’t look too well. there’s a hint of pessimism in the family.

the boy hasn’t stopped fighting. so, we will not.

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  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear that, CS. So long as the little guy is willing to fight, then we must be there fighting alongside him and sending him strength and courage.

  2. Blessings

  3. CS,

    I truly hope the little boy and his family find the strength to go through this and come out fine. These are situations one, and especially a parent, simply cannot imagine. Not so long ago, I heard horrible news from an aquaintance of mine. They were in a car accident and their 4-year old daughter had her spine sectioned internally at the level of the first vertebra, right below the skull (literally decapitated on the inside). She is now paralysed from the neck down, can’t even breathe on her own, but fully conscious. There is practically no hope of recovery. This is absolutely unimaginable.

  4. I am still praying for him….and glad that he is fighting. I hope that the family receives some hope soon.

    Vesper….I am so sorry to hear that. You said there is practically no hope…what is the hope that there is???

  5. i believe in times of crisis, hope is all that’s left. so cling on to it if possible. thanks, Vesper!

    the family is still hoping, despite the doc’s negative assessment. thank you for keeping them in your prayers, bluestbutterfly!

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