time to write

like i’ve mentioned before, work has been bugging me. little room and time for creativity in writing. and the window for submissions for the Golden Point Award is closing soon. all i have so far is some vague outline. albeit this competition is an extremely tall order, i still very much want to participate in it. therefore, i’ve decided to take a backseat here for awhile until i complete my writing entries for the competition. bucephalus will take care of things in my absence. he will have the freedom to post whatever he deems relevant. please give him your full support, the way you give it to me. if he does well, give him a rub on the back. if he messes things up, reserve your gripes till i return. see you soon, folks!


“i will do my best, master c.s.!”

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  1. So Bucephalus are you like a jedi Padawan? Is that why you call CS master? And how do you feel about being voted a sexy lion?

  2. Bucephalus, congratulations on your award for good looks. My human voted for you. Actually, I came by to say that you and your human are invited to visit my lion’s den, The Literary Lion of Lyon. My mate Sophia has delivered our first cubs. Yes, twins!

    Roary ^..^ we have two ^..^

  3. extremely good, of course, V! 🙂

    congrats, Roary! will inform c.s. when he gets back. will then visit you. 🙂

  4. I’m sure he’ll do fine!

    Good luck on the contest, and congratulations again on the award!

    Be back soon,

    Scarlett & Viaggiatore

  5. Hey CS, I do hope things at work improve soon. And good luck with preparing for the competition.
    I’m sure Bucephalus will do a good job minding your blog – but you will be missed!

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