the soul’s eight

ocean’s eleven, twelve and thirteen
five people you meet in heaven
nineteen minutes
fantastic four

it seems like numbers have been pretty prominent in names and titles.

why don’t i have my own “the soul’s eight”?

Verilion in paris
Atyllah the mighty hen
Vesper the chick with a quill
Maht at the Moon Topples
Seamus the chief of the circle
Skint the master writer
Minx the shrewd wordsmith
Suzan at writing passions

ok. if your name’s here, that means you are one whom i would like to meet in person, if there is a chance. and how about you guys? who in the blogosphere would you like to meet?

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  1. I feel honoured, CS, that you included me in your “soul’s eight”. I couldn’t explain it, but I’ve felt a deep connexion here from the very beginning. Odd… I would definitely like to meet you in person. And GoodThomas.

  2. it’s an honour to have you as a friend in the blogosphere, Vesper. and yes, somehow connections do exist strongly here.

  3. How incredibly touching it is to stumble into a post like this. Thanks for the honor.

    It’d take me a week to whittle down a list of just eight whom I’d like to encounter, but I would have an interest in meeting virtually anyone on my blogroll. Just so many good folks out here.

    And tell Vesper that I’ve met GoodThomas many, many times, but make it sound like I wasn’t bragging, just stating the fact. We’ve been friends for longer than we’ve been Good or Moony.

    Anyway, thanks again for including me in your list. It truly makes me feel good.

  4. yes definitely, i would want to meet everyone in person. but given the time and space we have, i’ll be contented with just the first eight here.

    Maht, you are welcome!

  5. Aw you would like to meet me. I feel very honoured. Right that means that one of these days one of my trips will have to include Singapore. It almost did last year, but in the end I just passed through the airport. I’ve never met a blogger in person yet, it’s funny how we meet so frequently virtually, but in person it’s kind of difficult!

  6. sounds good. if you are here, i’ll introduce you to all the good food, if eating is what you enjoy. 🙂

  7. CS, please tell Maht that I heard him and that it sounds like he might be bragging… 🙂

  8. Food it most definitely what I enjoy! Speaking of which it must be lunch time!

  9. Hey, Maht, Vesper said you could tone down a little.

    Yummy, V!

  10. CS: please tell Vesper that I deeply apologize for the crass delivery of my knowledge of GT. I have so few accomplishments in life, and sometimes get a bit carried away when someone hits on one of the things I have actually done.

  11. you have my support, Maht! 😉

  12. I’m liking this template CS, have been hiding at the end of the universe for a while – thanks for the honourable mention 🙂

  13. And me too! I have been holed up with a ‘headache’ for a few days and have only just started getting out and about again!

    Lovely to be included CS. Meeting fellow bloggers in the flesh is quite interesting. Just hearing a voice on the phone is quite spookey but putting a face to a spoken voice to a writing voice takes quite a bit of getting used to. Ask Skint!

    Eight would never be enough – I would like to have you all come for dinner!

  14. Skint, you are so welcome! i still have plenty to learn from yours.

    truth be told, Minx, i would agree with you and get everyone in.

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