never again

just bought another gadget. a new samsung pda phone named i600. blame it on nokia. you see, i sent my nokia phone (5300) for repair (i don’t want to elaborate on the problem of which i wasn’t at fault). but the after-sales service was really bad. it took them more than 2 weeks to fix my phone. and i had to call personally to check the repair status. (and there were more frustrations with their service…don’t want to talk about it anymore.) i picked up my repaired nokia and went somewhere half an hour later to have it traded for my samsung phone. i told myself no more nokia for the rest of my life.

still exploring my new samsung. hope that it will serve me well.

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  1. My last Nokia took a one way ticket to oblivion when it committed suicide by throwing itself out my pocket and into the toilet bowl. I’m afraid I stick with them because I just can’t be bothered to learn how to use another phone!

  2. agreed. nokia phones are user-friendly. but to me, after-sales service is important. i don’t think nokia singapore has the good one. 😉

  3. should treat you well, my friend has one

  4. Nokia’s will forever be the phone of my choice after my last/current one lasted 6 years and is still working. Just thought it was finally type to upgrade hehehe. (3510i’s ftw!)

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