Lion Adopted

Seamus at Shameless Words has invited people to adopt one of his 48 lions. He has stated his purpose very clearly. I have chosen one unique-looking lion and named it “Bucephalus” for obvious reasons. As required by Seamus, I have put up the lion’s photograph and written a poem inspired by the beast (refer to the sidebar, just in case). Go visit Shameless Words if you are as intrigued as I was.

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  1. Oh…I have to check this out soon.
    Thanks for the heads up, CS. 🙂

  2. Oh no each time I see one more lion I feel guilty about mine! Cool name though and the poem emits strength.

  3. That’s one remarkable lion and the poem – really powerful and fits Bucephalus really well!

  4. am i going to see one lion adopted by you, Susan?

    take your time, Miss V. i’m sure there will be a time for your inspiration to benefit your lion.

    Atyllah, you have one fantastic lion too. and your poem speaks volume to any reader.

  5. The name suits him. Poem isvery powerful too!

    “Who had battled mighty foes of a sovereign Macedon king..”

    May he give power to your writing.

    I named my lion(ess) Leola!

  6. thanks Gautami! i like your blog and will visit more often. isn’t great, this writing circle? we can all exchange ideas! 🙂

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