rather tight and dry

had been rather busy the last couple of days. at work, marking pupils’ exam scripts. left me rather dry at night (most of my writings were born and bred during these hours). so the brain cells couldn’t generate enough to write creatively. this weekend had been spent doing some more marking, and more importantly, relaxing with my two ladies. finally got my laptop – a brand new toshiba A200. watched the boring FA Cup final and Spiderman 2 on TV the last two evenings. absolutely no room for writing. tomorrow’s the beginning of the last work week before the 4-week vacation. plenty to look forward to: rest, play, more work, family time, Hong Kong trip, blogging, etc.

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  1. Don’t I know the feeling? But soon, it will be vacation time and office-goers will be envying you, CS. 🙂

  2. I finally understood this post. Thanks! Please reply me,I could not get through you through msn,email,blog, and sms.
    How pathetic!

  3. yes, envious they may be. if only they know fully what teaching is like. 😉

    and Joanna, quite impossible for you not to get hold of me. try again. 😉

  4. hello.this is the only post i could understand quite well.

  5. unknown, i’m sorry you seem finding it hard to understand my posts here. don’t read too much into them. if you can send me an email (precious_servant@yahoo.com), i can explain why i wrote certain things in certain ways. 😉

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