We are on the edge
Neither of us dares to choose
Let the flip of the coin decide
First flip yours, second flip mine

Eyes closed, fingers crossed
Up, up and away
Palm enclosure
Head it is –

Adversity begets the supremacy of Man

Go on
Live your life

Eyes closed, fingers crossed
Up, up and away
Palm enclosure
Tail it is –

Life is so immaterial that death becomes material

Go on
Lose my life

Guess this is it
Parting has never been easier

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  1. Hi CS,
    The second verse was my favourite. Thanks for being so kind in having dropped by and with your get well wishes. Really appreciated it.

  2. I think you should have known me by now,posting the comments for the second time please reply. Thanks!

  3. Welcome back, Susan! Glad your ordeal is over.

    As much as I wish I can be omniscient, I’m sorry to say that I do not know who you are, “Unknown”.

  4. Oh wow this is really powerful, this idea of a coin directing life or death. The last line is really strong too.

  5. when i look at what’s happening around, i really think some people do trivialise life so much that a flip of the coin will do. sad, but true.

  6. I like the feel and rhythm of this piece, and the repetition works really well.

  7. thanks for your comments, Marie! 🙂

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