There, There

You can impugn my parents. They gave me the name. But it is a name I’m proud of. It offers me a sense of purpose in life. Confidence is never off my books, and I know I have the looks to supplement it.

“Casanova, eat your breakfast now!” Mum yelled from the kitchen.

“No thanks! I’m running late!” I picked up my Alfred Dunhill suitcase and left quickly.

Life is so magnificent. My loaded parents who run a software engineering firm love me with lots of cash. Promotion at my journalism work is imminent too. The last I heard I am on the way up to VPship. And of course, there are the Melanies and Penelopes and Rachels and Nicoles on weekends at Café del Mar. Money, career, girls……all are under my control. If there is one thing that’s missing, it has to be a driving license – something which I have been trying to acquire the last five years. A driving license coupled with a Ferrari will surely enhance my high society life.

The bus-stop was packed with working professionals, students, etc. I conducted a visual scan around. No, none attractive. Then, the bus arrived. I went with the crowd and boarded it. The commuters were packed like sardines. As I squeezed my way in, I saw her.

She of very pretty eyes, like those you would see in a manga comic. Her straight long hair fell gracefully on her shoulders. Her sharp nose and luscious lips justified the tag ‘beauty’ which was written all over her. Her stylish Calvin Klein outfit screamed for attention. Her bosoms looked full from where I was. And she had this pair of really slim, tender-looking legs. The best part had to be her smile which happened to be directed at me.

I stood next to her. I was hoping that the old man sitting next to her would get off soon. This gorgeous lady looked too rare a gem to be missed. The bus picked up speed as I tried hard to stay balanced amongst the standing crowd. I glanced at her and caught her looking at me. She was smiling very sweetly.

My ego heightened. My confidence grew. I believed I had her attention. I had sent her heart fluttering. If looks could kill, she would have died in my hands there and then. I lowered my head and looked at her. There she was, peeking at me again. This time, her honey-like grin was wider.

There, there. Go easy, I thought. I knew she was mine. I was waiting for the right moment to……

“Excuse me,” she stood, clearly about to alight from the bus. I scrambled to my senses, and realised that time was running out. I must ask for her number. I looked at her and smiled. She was still smiling. I knew I already had her.

“Mister, I don’t mean to be rude. But you forgot to zip your pants,” she spoke gently before walking off the bus.

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  1. I’m answering your other question here,I get inspired on the metro, as I walk around, doing the dishes, cooking. I guess whenever I can grab an empty moment.

    I feel for Casanova I really do. I had a beloved pair of red trousers with a loose zip that caused no end of embarrassment!

    Could I make a wee suggestion. I was a wee bit confused about Cassie’s age there because of that line about his Mum telling him to eat his breakfast, but then he’s going for VP. Whereas the line about ‘My parents love with me loads of cash’ is an absolute classic and a great hook to get your reader in. If you jiggled those paragraphs about the reader would be clearer about his age and also when the line about eating his breakfast comes it would really impact on how deluded he is.

    Anyway, just a thought.

    looking forward to more.

  2. Thanks for the thought and your sharing! Yes, I supposed he’s deluded beyond certain description.

  3. I loved it, Canterbury. You had me gripped to the end and I didn’t see the twist at the end coming.

  4. Awww!!! That muz have hurt!

  5. i’m glad this garners a positive feedback from you, Marie!

    thanks for dropping by, P Shin! 🙂

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