cold coffee

the coffee you made me tonight was cold, really cold

the bleak weather that commenced the twilight of celebration
the unrequited calls that heralded the destiny by dinnertime
the sporadic ripostes that pervaded the tête-à-tête
the desolate gaze that was revealed in the eyes of intimacy
the vociferous hush that sustained itself athwart the table
the callous intention that turned out well expectedly
the sorrowful torrents that matched the storm stride for stride
the desultory oaths that was crafted in the vacuity of love
the deceitful psyche that could veil all transgressions
the nefarious benevolence that metamorphosed wrath into exoneration
the fecund blade that propagated the kernels of condemnation
the final embrace that was cherished in the wee hours of life

the coffee you made me tonight was cold, really cold

Published in: on Saturday, May 5, 2007 at 1:16 am  Comments (4)  

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  1. This is really cool, I love the cadence of each sentence. It’s got real form and builds up tension to that beautiful ending. Really really good CS.

  2. thank you for your compliments, Verilion! this one came about in the showers. in fact, many of my writings were conceived in the showers. how about you? which ground has been ‘inspirational’?

  3. CS, the coffee you made me was cold… This is a real case of showing & not telling. Excellent! A powerful poetic impact.
    But the other lines I see as set apart to a prose that’s subtly reflective & philosophical.

  4. thanks for the constructive advice, Susan!

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