my first entry

Jason Evans opened a fiction-writing contest that challenges us to write something of 250 words based on the theme “Endless Hour” and this picture.

Endless Hours

I knew I had to take part in it though I’ve not written many fictions. It’s not so much about the prizes, but the exposure and the learning experience, and hopefully the feedback I get from people round the world. Spent about one and a half hours working on my first competitive entry. Can’t say I’m totally satisfied with it, but quietly delighted that I have written this one, exactly 250.


It’s 10.33 a.m.

I saunter into the kitchen. I stand up.

The end.

It is finished. I’m liberated, irrevocably.

It has been a protracted decision to do it; utterly iniquitous to myself. Vertigo has no meaning now. Sensation is found wanting at my limps. This is it.

In a fraction of a second, I am on top. 40 months of weight-training has primed me for this. I tighten my grasp on the grills.

Please, Lord, help me with my final impetus. I stare at the dishes and make my wishes. I’m now literally on my knees, if you can still spot them. I snigger again. Again the nerve tries to wreck me with pain. The skin just tears. Not as smooth, ’cos it has the v-edges. I pick up another piece and slit across the right one.

I chortle and cast it aside. The nerve tries to wreck me with the weapon, pain. The cut is clean albeit the trace of fluid has flourished. This piece’s appetite has been whetted over a long period and it shows. Almost instantly, my hand swiftly severs the left one.

I need to draw strength from you, Lord, please. I stare at the dishes and make my wishes again. The mind is acting up again. I pick up the pieces and begin to quiver. Please, Lord, give me the courage to complete my task. I stare at the dishes and make my wishes.

I saunter into the kitchen. I stand up.

It’s 10.33 a.m.

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  1. Well done, CS – a really intriguing and tight piece. Fitting a story into 250 words is a tall ask, isn’t it – good on you for doing it so successfully.

  2. Thanks, Atyllah! This piece has caused some confusion among others.

  3. Love the interplay of words. It’s a clever piece, above the ordinary. That may explain the confusion.
    Keep at this vein, CS because it’s your voice. 🙂

  4. Yes, Susan, I guess this is my voice. I will keep going. Thanks! 😉

  5. I am someone. I read all your post’s comments. Seriously, i believed that you have known alot of new friends in your posts in blog and those friends are unordinary to me. Their english was superb. Talking on the negative side,I could not understand a single word they left there.I did not choose to write my name there is because it will make me feel weird as I am not good in my english. I will fasten up and leave you a comment in future with my name. Hope that day comes soon.

  6. everyone is entitled to leave opinions here. my friends or visitors here are all nice folks. you don’t have to feel out of place. we are more than willing to share our love for the language. please don’t hesitate to leave any comments or email me.

  7. […] “Moebius” will remain one of my favourite compositions. not just the theme, but also the way i paced […]

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