it is

Thyroid, it is. Though expected after much research ourselves, she still cried. Not so much that she will suffer, but she’s concerned that it might affect our plan for a second child. Doc assured us that if the condition is managed properly, conceiving is not a problem. But first we requested to see a specialist who will probably work with our gynae and advise us if having another child is fine. It might take a year or two of medication, or even more. About 50% of the patient could recover early. A number of uncertainties if you ask me. We’ll wait till Monday when we see the specialist.

Not in the mood to write here now. Will take a short break from blogging.

Thank you all for your warm support! I never thought I could have a circle of friends in the community here.

Will catch up soon!

Really, thank you!

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  1. Doc assured us that if the condition is managed properly, conceiving is not a problem.

    CS, I’ve read the very thing about thyroid elsewhere so I don’t think you need to worry as a couple. You’ve been blessed with a child and also this condition was discovered in its early stages. All this to be thankful for. But still I know…that dampening feeling. Hold on. Trust in your Christian faith and prayers and be strong for her. Please do come back soon.

  2. Hi Mr Tan

    Will keep Mrs Tan in prayer. God Bless.


  3. If it is any consolation CS, I’ve had two friends who’ve been through thyroid trouble – both have come out of it none the worse for wear and both lead completely normal and fulfilled lives. Have faith.

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