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after learning about my lady’s condition(which apparently is hereditary) and getting inspired by my “14 minutes” post, i asked a question, “What would I do if I’m left with only 14 minutes to live?” i shall hibernate and think about it.

The vulnerability of human beings is subtly revealing itself so much that it is no longer a joke. C.S.

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  1. Ooh that’s one very big question. I think I’ll definitely need mor than 14 minutes to think about it.

  2. Such a good question. I think if I had just 14 minutes, CS, I would say a prayer of love to Christ and also recall a few beautiful memories from childhood and from those who loved me and try to hold on to these remembered scenes as the minutes fade on. Of course, I’d be crying but in a happy way for all the lovely things I tasted in life. Yes, that’s what I’ve always hoped to do at the end anyway. 🙂

    Hey, come back soon!

  3. Hard question. I’d probably try to remember some good times rather than concentrate on the bad.

    Take care and hope to see you back soon.

  4. Ah yes, CS, would that human beings realised just how vulnerable they are – but also how incredibly strong and enduring they are too.

  5. Well having spent more like 1114 minutes thinking about it, I’d have to say I think I’d rather not know. The only time I’ve had a warning of something bad about to happen, I spent the next ten minutes seriously cacking my pants. 14 minutes is just kind of panic time. If it was 14 hours then I could get beyond that and just make the most of the beautiful things in life.

  6. What a intriguing question. I think I would try and connect with someone I love and say whatever I could to let them know how much they mean to me. Then look at the sky one last time, take a breath, and just let all the pain go.

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