two lessons i learnt this week:

lesson no. 1

It isn’t what we can do
That creates an impression.
It is what we can’t do
That does the job.

half-full or half-empty?

lesson no. 2

We spend most of our time
Thinking of what we could have done
Instead of what we actually have done.


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  1. Very wise words, Canterbury! And by the way, that glass was half full 🙂

  2. Thanks Atyllah! Most of the time the glass is half-full, but there will be times when it is half-empty. 🙂

  3. Great words, Canterbury. I agree, sometimes the glass can be half-full, sometimes half-empty.

  4. Oddly enough when I looked at the glass in the picture, I didn’t think of it as half empty nor half full.
    Instead I became thirsty.

  5. Thanks for the different perspective, Patty!

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