on all ears

what have I been listening to recently? almost lost count of them. here are my most recent more than decent spins which I splurged on (in alphabetical order):

1. the devil and god raging inside me ~ brand new (a rather refreshing look at rock…caught them at a listening post at hmv)

2. digital ash in a digital urn & noise floor ~ bright eyes (always a talented lyrical songster…one of my favs)

3. the crane wife ~ the decemberists (you can only like them after listening to them more than five times…excellent!)

4. ys ~ joanna newsom (much talked about and many people’s album of the year…had to agree with them after getting hooked by this very unique lady)

5. veneer ~ josé gonzález (had been waiting for this for a long time after hearing him with zero 7…finally got it at a premium price at hmv…masterfully good music)

6. these streets ~ paolo nutini (a new kid with some catchy tunes…again knew him through hmv)

7. throw down your arms ~ sinead o’connor (irish lass whose genre seems to have taken a turn…reggae?)

8. seven swans ~ sufjan stevens (after listening to his much-touted illinois, decided to grab all his albums…’tis the second one…another fantastic release)

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  1. Oh! Well you’ve got The Decemberists in your list so I will check out the others. But going back to the Decemberists, try Picaresque, I bought that after hearing one track and it is ALL brilliant, whereas there are two tracks on The Crane Wife that I don’t like. I also checked out the Japanese folk tale that inspired this album and that’s pretty fantastic too.

  2. Will look at Picaresque and the folk tale.
    Thanks for the info, Verilion!

  3. Some stuff I like, some stuff I don’t, and some stuff I’ll have to check out. I think (or hope) that this was the idea behind this meme in the first place. Commond ground and casting new ears on things.

    Can I pretend that I tagged you with this even though you did it long before me?

  4. Definitely, Maht! Let me know your views on these music when you come visiting again. Cheers!

  5. Descent spins. A couple i like more than others but still good.

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