Dying Again

Feline grace undeserved
Almost a definite doubt
Physical passing on only but once
Yet manna comes in the other realm
Opportunities to die living or live dying again and again……
In hope that self-reacontrolisation will surface
Leading to a kicking glorious destiny
Wretchedly the feeble mind falls short incessantly
Losing grasp of the wilful flesoulh
Merrily singing the poignant tune of the robins
Whilst aching through the benign vicious cycles
The ladder up the Tower of Babel
Might justify the conundrum of living happily
Falling down the bottomless pit
No longer an idiosyncrasy
What’s there to live
When dying again bounces to rise?
Call it a day and lie still
Before the false pretence cuts deeper

(pardon the fresh p*ss*m*sm)

Published in: on Monday, February 19, 2007 at 2:40 pm  Comments (5)  

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  1. Merrily singing the poignant tune of the robins
    My favourite line.:-)
    And I enjoyed too, that bit of clever philosophical reckoning at the end.

  2. Philosophical, I dare not. Honest reflection, I dare say.
    Thanks for your continuous support, Susan!

  3. hey, cs
    nice going. it really works for you, doesn’t it?
    keep it up (the ol’ chin, never the stiff lip!)

  4. Thanks Zanzi!

  5. last 4 lines got the better of me. question and answer.impressing.

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